blazing saddles soundtrackGreat news: The official Blazing Saddles soundtrack has recently been released! You could previously only get small bits of the music from the film, but you can now enjoy all of it.

This is the COMPLETE John Morris score to the classic from 1974. Included are the favorites: Frankie Laine’s epic title track, Madeline Kahn’s “I’m Tired” and of course “The French Mistake”. Also included are the original cue music and songs previously unreleased.

One great addition is the previously unissued version of the title theme sung by Frankie Laine WITHOUT the whip cracks.

Full track list:

1. Main Title – Frankie Laine
2. Ballad of Rock Ridge
3. April in Paris – Count Basie
4. Hoop-Dee-Doo
5. Wagon Train Flashback
6. Transitions
7. Mongo
8. Merrily We Roll Along
9. I’m Tired – Madeline Kahn 10. Bart Returns
11. Alky 1-2-3/Ballad of Rock Ridge/Desperado Registration/Night Camp Tent
12. A New Rock Ridge
13. Voodoo You Do/The Big Fight/The French Mistake
14. The Studio Fight/Graumann’s
15. Noble Farewell/Finale
16. Signature/Main Title
17. Ballad of Rock Ridge
18. I’m Tired
19. The French Mistake
20. Finale
21. I Get a Kick Out of You – Cleavon Little
22. Hail to the Chief
23. Springtime for Hitler
24. Bar Source
25. The French Mistake
26. Signature/Main Title – Frankie Laine